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He flips her over so her face is up, eyes wide, tongue out, looking at the egotistical phrase that would kill her.Thanks Nighthawk, Grace X, and Othello for making this happen!Her tongue barely protrudes as she is pumped full, then dropped still slumping over the couch.Vernon goes to her clipboard, taking the notes about himself, and leaving her note with her objective that reads, “SEDUCTION OF THE MIND”, I guess her plans were foiled.He is strong and chokes her out, but she fights long and hard, tongue sticking way out, shuddering and vibrating as she twitches till her death stare is blank and she is no longer moving.After she is dead and still, he lifts her up to stretch her out, lifts her head up by her hair.

He is sprung and ready to go, she straddles him then realizes that if he doesn’t do the deed now, the bitch might squeal and they would both be upset.

She reacts and goes wild, throwing her clipboard stretching out fully, bucking and rolling off and back on the sofa.

He pulls her up and she is pinned to the couch struggling for her life.

She starts to arch her back and her pain is so erotic. She goes to the chair, to the floor, ass up, grinding and bucking from the pain until she dies, then long pans and views of her sexy oiled up body, and lovely soles, and especially her sexy belly. If you like one of the hottest gals on the planet in her element, doing some amazing moves with her body, and her sexy, smooth skin coated in oil doesn’t hurt either, well except it does kill her..

CBDescription: 3 sexy friends decide to role play with each other, discussing and acting in the ritualistic “animal slaughter”.

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She runs the oil all over her tits and belly, rolling the belly like a BELLY DANCER, and arching her back, getting turned on.

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