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The poster is used with the permission of the Imperial War Museum. The words printed on fabric describe her wartime experiences – but they are obscured by being chopped up, unclear and incomplete as history, including family history, often is.

Other images have been drawn using contemporary photographs as inspiration and manipulated on the computer.

The head, or what is going on inside it, has been an image which I have used for some years in my quilts.

I spent my working life as a newspaper journalist and I have an on-going fascination with graphic imagery and narrative.

Telling my own story through fabric is important to me.

Stung by these thoughts and feeling impotent in the face of them, I set about responding through my work.She worked at Vickers Armstrong at Castle Bromwich, operating a capstan lathe, making parts for spitfires.It must have been hard and unpleasant work, with long hours and the constant awareness that the factory would be a target for bombs.Faced and fused applique; hand and machine stitch; free machine quilting.Commercial cottons; hand printed and dyed cottons; digital print on fabric; cotton thread; linen thread; wadding.

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I felt a need to mark and communicate my distress at the system and its major failings which are founded in greed and theft.