Chan adult chat engineer dating site

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Chan adult chat

Or you can say that you have a room, and other chatters can private you for the room name.Just don't keep repeating it or the moderator may consider it as a disruption and step in to stop it.Registering an excessive number of channels that you are unable to properly administrate, or for the primary purpose of preventing others from registering them, or for trying to cover every possible permutation of a subject, place or interest is not allowed.This will be dealt with at the discretion of the network owners.This network has a variety of "public" channels administered by network operators.We also allow chatters to open their own "private" channels which they are allowed to moderate themselves and which may be run as restricted access channels or may be open to all network users.Clones are defined as multiple connections at the same time by the same user.Clones can be on the same ip or a separate ip, but they are "owned" by the same user.

If you are unsure whether something that you want to post is acceptable or not, please ask the Moderator (Chan Op) on duty, or ask in our #help channel.RULES FOR SWEARING ARE AS FOLLOWS: as long as it is not in anyway abusive [or unnecessarily excessive] but is innocent in use it will be allowed in the rooms, HOWEVER, if deemed abusive to any user in the room you will be warned and possibly kicked and/or banned for the offense...Please do not use automated messages in the main channels to greet or respond to other chatters or to open a private (query) window with another chatter.Clones are generally discouraged, but having a single clone or second connection may be permitted.Nickserv allows up to three connections, in case of a disconnect, but if an ip tries to make more than 3 connections at the same time, the server will network ban all connections on that ip.

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Please contact a Network Operator (Join #Help) if you plan to connect a website or service directly to our network or to a "private" channel on our network.

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