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And it’s true, those women do exist, the homewreckers.

That real life women like Coco Chanel, Katharine Hepburn, and Elizabeth I were mistresses to married men has not done much to sway the belief that maybe there is another role at play here.

Secrecy is the mistress’s goal — a removal not only from the covers of magazines but also from the way we wear our marriages in our jobs and social circles and community.

“Americans have the highest divorce, romantic break-up and remarriage rates in the world: 10 percent of American women — a far greater proportion than their European sisters — will have lived with three or more husbands or domestic partners by the age of 35.” Even after the shine wears off and we’re disillusioned about that “til death” stuff, we fight to find new spouses.Because if we believe that monogamous marriages that produce children are the strongest units of our society — and we do — then the mistress becomes the termite gnawing at the foundations.And we don’t much care if pests have feelings; we simply want them dead. By which I mean of course that Americans hate marriage.She ultimately remains unknown to us, but I was intrigued.Elizabeth Abbott’s is a catalog of women who are not quite marriage material, whatever that might mean.

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(After the arrest of Dominique Strauss-Kahn and the usual stereotypes of French salaciousness started to be trotted out, women like Pamela Druckerman had to appear in the explaining that while a wandering eye might be OK when a man is exceptionally powerful, your standard French husband is expected not to fuck around: “French people think fidelity is terrific.