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Tips on dating a busy man

Heck, you can even volunteer to let him practice on you!Always on your side, James What Men Secretly Want After consuming this short-guide, you will possess a secret that men cannot express well because it is so foundational to their view of the world that they don't even realize it is there.Rule Number Two for Dating Busy Men: Don’t Bid for His Time, Own His Time. The faster you can set up a recurring plan for interaction (a micro-tradition), the less you have to compete with other demands on his time.A micro-tradition also means you “own” a timeslot in his week, so to speak.Instead, use “consultative selling.” Ask him what it’s like trying to find time to date women when he’s such a busy man with so much on his plate.Once he’s confiding in you, you can suggest a solution to reduce the stress involved in getting to know someone.

He’ll appreciate it and his respect for you will rise along with that appreciation.That means your micro-tradition time slot is off-limits to other women who might be competing for his attention.You may be wondering how TO introduce the idea of a micro-tradition.That leads to a natural conversation where you can point out that you have the perfect product or service to solve the particular problems the customer brought up.The customer is pleased with you, because they felt like you genuinely listened and tried to help.

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After all, you don’t want to sound like you’re trying to sell him something.

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