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Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte claims that he is being targeted for assassination by the CIA after he publicly accused the agency of supporting ISIS.

In the wake of the recent ISIS attack in the Philippines, Duterte claims that the U. intelligence agencies are infiltrating his country with ISIS militants in an attempt to take him down and destroy his country.

When I left the CIA I finally told my Grandma and she was thrilled that she could finally tell her Temple Sisterhood what her granddaughter did for a living. When you’re working in the field, a sense of self-preservation takes over and doesn’t allow you to be scared in the moment. However, once I got home from some assignments I The NSA is charged with electronic surveillance, but they’re not concerned with where you’re making dinner reservations.

NSA collects trillions of tons of data and they are concerned with much bigger issues.

It reports that some of the positions into which Mohammed was placed had not been approved.

And we are fighting terrorism just like any country and we need arms,” Duterte stated. And I said no problem, I can always go to China or Russia.” Duterte also made it clear in the interview that his foreign policy had “shifted from the pro-Western one.” “I am now working on an alliance with China and I hope to start a good working relationship with Russia,” he stated. efforts to continue to treat the Philippines as a colony, asking rhetorically “You treat me as if I am your colony still? ” Duterte also showed that he is aware of the price often paid by leaders who back out of strategic alliances with the United States, stating “I said about [removing] the American troops, that one day, during my term, if I survive the CIA, I still have five years to go.” RT responded with the question, “You talk a lot about assassination. And just because I am a small-time government official, I am not exempted. When they drop bombs, they kill so many villagers and there’s not even a whimper.” Duterte said most of the Daesh terrorists active in his country are foreigners. Whether this is the case or not, an increased Daesh presence in the Philippines will likely be used as justification by the U. to step up its military presence in the Philippines and keep Duterte from leaving the U. behind as he seeks to ally his nation with Russia and China.Abu Sayyaf also shares links to al-Qaeda – an unusual arrangement, considering that al-Qaeda and Daesh are ostensibly at war with each other.As Daesh takes control of numerous landmarks and most of the residential areas in the city, the Philippine Army continues to control most of the city’s military bases and government buildings. If you speak a difficult second language and have lived overseas, the CIA may be interested. ) The CIA understands that this generation has experimented with pot. The CIA is looking for talented, ethnically diverse intelligent men and women. The CIA does not want it’s officers using sexual tactics to recruit assets as it eliminates the element of control, which is crucial in a spy/asset relationship. (If I had a nickel for every time I’ve been asked this question!!!

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In response to the chaos, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte cut his visit to Russia short and declared martial law in the entire region of Mindanao, where Marawi is located.

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