Validating documents

Posted by / 24-Jan-2017 06:52

There is no change to your workflow within Medtech32 when prescribing and printing a prescription, but rather new features available for you to use.

We present a formal specification and analysis of a haemodialysis machine (HD machine) in Event-B using the Rodin Toolset.

As a prerequisite, the practice must be on Medtech Evolution Version 1.7 in order to install the March MIMS Update and subsequent monthly updates.

If not already on Version 1.7, please upgrade to this version before 28 February 2017.

Be sure that you are comfortable with the Hierarchical Stage and its ability to parse or create JSON and XML documents. Write another Job that uses the REST Step and just tries to return the payload, intact, and save it to a file. Make sure that Job runs successfully producing the output that you expect, and that matches the output from using the call in your browser. Doing it in the same Assembly might be more performant, but you may have other reasons that you want to pass this payload further along in the Job before parsing.

Don’t even think about using the REST step until you are comfortable parsing and reading the XML or JSON that you anticipate receiving from your selected service. Start with a REST service “GET” call that you are able to run directly in your browser. Run it in your browser and save the output payload that is returned. Put that output in a or file, and write a Job that reads it (using the appropriate XML and/or JSON parser Steps in the Assembly) Make sure the Job works perfectly and obtains all the properties, elements, attributes, etc. If the returned response has multiple instances within it, be sure you are getting the proper number of rows. One key technique when using REST with Data Stage is the ability to “build” the URL that you will be using for your invocations.

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You probably aren’t going to be considering Data Stage/Quality Stage for your REST processes if you only need to make one single call.