For hot sex chat joinsex

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For hot sex chat joinsex

Its a slippery slope that ends with you in a place where a Muslim shouldn’t be.Dear reader, what haven’t i tried to give up this addiction?Callers call a premium rate adult chatline number which is then routed through to your own phone.When you are ready to take adult chat line calls you'll dial into the provider's number and log on to their system using a unique code.This involves taking calls from customers who ring up for a chat to the operator's premium rate numbers, they are routed through to your home telephone.The chat line company charges customers for calling a premium rate 'hotline' number and pays the chat line operator an hourly rate for the time spent chatting.

When you receive a call, the system records how much time you have spent talking and files it for future payment.Sometimes the boost in imaan from these things keeps you off the sin for a month, other times, only a few days.I’ve prayed those prayers in the middle of the night when i thought to myself, “man, i wish i could pray with that much khushoo’ in every salaah” and i made salaam and thought i’d never return to that sin, but then a week, or two weeks later, i was back at it.I personally think that it is nigh-on impossible to give it up here in the West once you’re addicted because sex and pretty women are all around you, on the TV, in the streets, at work – everywhere.If you can make a quiet du’a for Allah to switch off my addiction just as quickly as the light goes off when you flick the switch i would be most grateful.

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And also the guilt that comes from leading a double-life and betraying one’s spouse.

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