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Double your dating skills

I first read comments from David De Angelo on Cliff’s List and thought “Hey, here are things that I can do without spending a lot of time researching and practicing complicated stuff.” Soon after David put Double Your Dating together, I took a look at it and read through the whole thing and what I read was gold.David had put together a systematic and easy-to-follow structure for any man to be able to implement.The study showed that pleasant scents improve people’s mood.We are already aware that pleasant fragrances encourage altruistic behavior, but what role do fragrances play in social relationships?Especially courtship – does a good mood equate to increased trust in women who are approached by men for their phone number?A group of undergraduate students walked around in a shopping mall and identified the areas that had the best smell.

Ensure you pick a place that has a warm and beautiful smell. pick a spot that has a more pleasant fragrance than a bakery in a shopping mall! Click here – I’m designing a science based fragrance line for men that helps them use fragrance to their advantage in dating and business.There’s one simple tip that will make a woman instantly more interested in you. Published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology, the study build on previous research that proved how pleasant fragrances have an uplifting and positive effect on social relationships.It doesn’t involve clothes, confidence, fancy cars, or complicated words. Trust the French to come up with the connection between fragrances and attraction.Coffee shops, pastry shops and bakeries had an especially good aroma.Other stores had no distinguishing smell – music stores, clothing stores, banks, travel agents, etc.

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The researchers selected attractive men because it’s not likely for a woman to accept a date request from a random stranger…