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Key speakers at the event included Riho Rahuoja, the Deputy Secretary General for Social Policy at the Ministry of Social Affairs; Christian Veske, the Chief Specialist in the Ministry’s Gender Equality Department; Kari Käsper, Project Manager of the “Diversity Enriches” campaign from the Estonian Human Rights Centre; Hanna Kannelmäe from the Estonian Gay Youth NGO and the British Ambassador to Estonia Peter Carter.Previously, in March 2011, British photographer Clare B.The usual villains are religion, politics, right-wing traditionalists and skinheads.On the Tallnin Guide website these comments appear: “Despite being viewed as the most liberal and tolerant of the Baltic capitals, Tallinn, like Riga in Latvia and Vilnius in Lithuania, still has a long way to go to catch up with neighboring Scandinavian countries and Western Europe when it comes to homosexuality.

At that stage, a few songs were already released, but today is the first time we’ll be able to hear all ten songs competing in the first semi-final.

While homophobia is not as entrenched in the media in Estonia as it is in ‘uber-Catholic’ Lithuania and Poland, it is still very much entrenched in the public psyche.

As with most Estonian problems, communism can be conveniently blamed for this one as well.

Estonia is a small country with hope in the air and in the streets that reaching a level of gay tolerance and presence will not take a decade more and not through bloodshed and social upheaval.

First, both male and female same-sex sexual activity are legal in Estonia, having been decriminalized in 1992.

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Here can be found a Gay Map online for locals and visitors. The age of consent is 14 years and was equalized for both homosexual and heterosexual sex in 2001.

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