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If there’s a goal I have, any way I can influence just a bit of the general, overall culture of radiology and the individual radiologist to really embrace the patient-centered movement – that would be it.DI: What would like to see happen in radiology within the next decade?Here, we asked him about his career to-date and what he sees in the future. Hawkins: To date, it’s been getting the pediatric interventional radiology program here off the ground at Emory.

'I completely believed he was coming back and he was going to pay me back,' Mrs Fowkes said. Everything I asked – like why the embassy couldn't help – he always had an answer for.'I believed I had started a relationship but looking back I was obviously being groomed.The more we integrate, the more we’ll be in the care cycle, and the better we’ll be able to provide higher quality care to patients overall. I never thought I would be taken in by something of this kind.Hawkins: I would love to see more integration with other specialties.We’re in silos because of the economics with episodes of care and billing mechanisms.

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I’d love to see a situation where radiology functions in multispecialty groups whether it’s with pathology or other diagnostic specialties or other medical and surgical specialists.