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The latter appeared mainly in newspapers such as Le Charivari, Le Monde Illustré and many others, as well as in book publications.Unknown to many, the editor and publisher Jules Meynial succeeded in purchasing some 34 original wood blocks. They displayed 34 large wood engravings which had previously appeared in Le Monde Illustré.Please go to the "Contact us" Link on the upper right hand part of this page and send us your questions or comments and find out whether they will be answered by other visitors.(When answering a comment, please refer to the name or the date of it.) (Your name and information will be used ONLY for the above purpose.) QUESTION: Oct. Daumier draw or paint a portrait of Corot, as I've been told?Unfortunately this small list quite certainly is not complete, since over the years much of these rare prints were lost or destroyed.

there are several collectors in your area, however for reasons of "discretion" we make it a policy not to convey their addresses. I am publishing this letter in the “discussion group”.We are still in the process of cataloguing this category.You can in that case send us a jpg (not bigger than 50KB! Good luck, Lilian Back to Index September 4, 2005 QUESTION: Could I ask you if you might be able to share with me or direct me to information of what prints by Daumier were initially refused authorization for publication ?Presumably, this sort of thing was happening throughout his career, and I would like to know if the various instances have ever been assembled. 5, 2005 ANSWER FROM THE DAUMIER ORGANISATION: it was indeed a coincidence that you brought up this topic now.We had been asked this question repeatedly in the past and had started to prepare a short list of prints, which we discovered during our research for the Daumier-Register.

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I suppose there are many copies still in existence, but I'm wondering if my two copies are valuable.