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Unlike radio buttons, check boxes and drop downs, there are no fixed options, it is like the answer sheets we have during our exams. “I usually write the same things multiple times for the same question in different ways to ensure the length of my answer goes up, what if the user does the same in the textarea?” Well, in HTML forms, it would not be the quantity but the preciseness and the quality that will bring us more laurels, and it is highly unlikely that users would fill in long essays in a textarea when they are not getting marks for it, however; the points stands totally valid and as a designer we must be prepared for the worst scenarios.Having drop downs on our web page enhances the overall quality and design on the screen.A drop-down thus works as an alternative and in specific cases, a better option, as compared to radio buttons and checkboxes. Did we say an alternative to both radio buttons and checkboxes?’Now, a user might finish this question in one line and another might need more than a thousand to finish the story of his life.However, it is highly unlikely that the reader who is expected to shortlist candidates on the bases on these questions is interested in your life story.

Well, this is where the concept of multiple selections in a select box comes into play.The slider input is a highly intuitive user interface that projects itself as an alternative to a plain textbox input or a drop-down with fixed values.The range input is best when you have calculations associated with it.Not many would have expected something like the range element to make its entrance with HTML5, but once it did, hardly any have raised any concerns with its working.Creating anything close to the sliding range element takes tons of lines of coding in Java Script, but the same can be achieved with just a single element in HTML5.

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For instance, if we are developing a website that only permits users in the age group 18-40.