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I asked Bella would she be taking Glee and Cheerleading. I started giggling and said "Yeah we can be good friend but I would not want to be more then friends with Justin I am taken by Roshon Fegan". When school was over Lexie Bella and I walked to cheer leading practice. Zendaya Schedule 1st period-Arithmetic 2nd period-History 3rd period-English 4th period-Glee Club 5th period-Health 6th period-Career studies 7th period-Tech After school-Cheerleading Lexie's Schedule 1st period-World Studies 2nd period-English 3rd period-Tech 4th period-Glee Club 5th period-Arithmetic 6th period-Health 7th period-Career Studies After School-Cheerleading Bella Schedule 1st period-Arithmetic 2nd period-Spanish 3rd period-Career studies 4th period-Drama Club 5th period-Tech 6th period-Health 7th period-AP 8th period-History Lexie said the only class that she would like was Glee and Cheerleading. Then his girlfriend came up to me and said "Hey we can be good friends if you don't try to be more then friends with him" she said in nice/mean.

I started kicking my feet in the air for them to put me down. Roshon, however, maintained a laser-like focus on the rumba and his partner.Though it didn’t help that just before the dreaded dance duel Jaleel deemed Len “the old guy outside the grocery store who won’t give you any money for candy.” Maybe he shouldn’t have bit the hand that feeds him.I was still kinda upset with Roshon then he called me. When we got of the plane we went to rent a car so we can rent a car. Zack said "Wow yall must have went to the same school for awhile"."Yeah" I said. We found out that Zack's dorm was just across the hall. Convo(z= zendaya r=rosohn R - Baby I am sorry I know I was wrong I didn't know you were pregnant Z- What ?

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And the judges unanimously opted for fellow bottom-dwellers Roshon Fegan and Chelsie Hightower to stay over Jaleel and Kym (the low-scoring team of Melissa Gilbert and Maks Chmerkovskiy were saved by viewer votes).

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