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But will the knowledge that she might never have another chance make her go too far?Janet is twenty-three and homeless, but finds the best way to stay a little warmer in December is to get a job in the mall and sleep in the shack of "Santa's Workshop".AUTHOR'S NOTE: While some elements of real-world BDSM are used, this story is complete fantasy (as should be obvious) and includes several examples of very poor decision-making.In the real world, always communicate clearly, know what you're getting into, and keep your play safe, sane, and consensual. It's been a good few years, though lately finances have made for some hard times.

But this year, Seth has a very special present for Eric. Plans are for this to become a series with a few different pairings. Hes actually not so bad once you get to know him, and it helps to cover my tail. If you missed it, you might want to click here just to get the warnings.For a long time, Margaret has harbored several secret fantasies, from strange things like having tiny, shrunken men at her mercy to the simple idea of fooling around with her own son Paul.While some fantasies are impossible, Margaret decides that she can at least test things out and see if she could live out some fun time with her twenty-year-old.

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She gets a much warmer, cozier place to sleep when she finds out how the kindly older man playing Santa gets such a realistic looking belly.