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Emma watson dating radcliffe

Emma, who earned an estimated £19 million last year thanks to the final two Harry Potter movies and deals with Lancome and Burberry, recently announced she will attend Oxford University this autumn in an exchange year from her studies at Brown University in the US.

After all, the three leading Harry Potter actors - Grint, Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson - entered the world of Harry Potter as children, and grew up in full public view, alongside their characters. Emma, who plays Hermione, sums up the epic feelings.

As it turned out, Rupert’s free ice-cream wasn’t the only parting memento.

There was a strict ‘no props leaving the set’ policy at Harry Potter, but it seems that rules were broken for the leading actors.‘The ones from the first film are absolutely tiny now, but they are very sweet. There was rarely ever any glass in the actual glasses, because of filming problems with reflections.’The cast had their wands swiftly taken back as soon as filming was over ‘so they didn’t end up on e Bay’ according to Warwick Davis who has two roles: Hogwarts’ Professor Filius Flitwick and Griphook the Goblin.‘They said that they were going to make replicas of our dressing rooms, which is quite a weird thought. I’ve spent more time there than in my own home,’ says Rupert. ‘To know that it is going to live on is great.’So how are they coping post-Potter?

That’d be tragic.’ Of the three, Daniel — for ever Harry Potter to a generation, whether he likes it or not — reflects with the most bafflement on some of the madness that has surrounded them.

Occasionally now people stop me, but I’d rather deal with that than not go out at all.

‘And the bond between me, Rupert and Emma will be pretty unbreakable because I don’t think anyone — except us — knows what it is like to go through all the craziness we have done over the past ten years.‘Yes, I will miss them both very much and, yes, when I look back over the films I miss the old Harry, the little innocent boy he was. In special effects, in every way, it has moved on so much.

‘The fact you have to remember is that it is not because of me people are screaming at the premieres.

I interrupted Chris’s cooking and had him come over and read the entry. GOOD for him.” What could have caused such an uproar? I think what he’s referring to (I can’t ask him now because I think he’s in his room listening to John Mayer) is that despite the fame, Harry Potter isn’t exactly a lady killer.

Harry Potter, 18 (Danielle Radcliffe is his real name but whatever, I had to look that up. I’m keeping it on the straight tip, but he’s no Jude Law who really is prettier than most girls. Prancing around with coiffed hair and a constant grin because life is so fucking beautiful. Obama in his victory speech also promised that he would personally help Ron Weasley step up his game.

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Hopefully she’ll give us her thoughts on this groundbreaking story. So I wonder if this will propel Harry Potter from just “that famous kid who wears dorky glasses and talks about magic like those dorks with the cards and dice” level to that stage where Lenny Kravitz sees him at Gold Bar and yells “Danny!

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