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Jon benets father dating

The Ramseys had been active in various civic philanthropic activities, including Opera Colorado and Junior League.While in Atlanta, they were active in the Atlanta Symphony Black and White Ball, as well as the Phoenix Debutantes of Atlanta.Another sibling who lists his address as the residence is stepbrother John Andrew Ramsey, then 20, a student at the University of Colorado.Jon Benet also had a stepsister, Melinda, then 24, of Atlanta.The Christmas 1996 murder of Jon Benet Ramsey has riveted America for nearly a decade.This past summer, the arrest of John Mark Karr briefly made it appear as though the mystery had been solved. Correspondent Erin Moriarty takes a new look at this true crime mystery and talks to Jon Benet's father John, who breaks his silence for the first time since his wife Patsy died in June and Karr was arrested several weeks later.

Asked what it was like to get those e-mails, Tracey says, "This is the worst experience of my life by far.

It was written on a pad that came from the house and demanded a ransom that was close to the bonus John Ramsey had received that year: 8,000. No charges were filed and investigators never even publicly called them "suspects." Instead, the Ramseys were labeled with a phrase that was both vague and damning: "They do remain under an umbrella of suspicion but we are not ready to name any suspects," an official said at the time.

"We should have just stood right up there in the beginning and said, 'Okay, charge me.

"The evidence that points to the Ramseys I think, you know, is the fact that they were in the house at the time of the murder," he says. "Tracey's cameras also captured a side of the Ramseys the public never saw, private moments, like when Patsy played the last song Jon Benet learned before she was killed.

And that fueled speculation that one of them wrote the bizarre three-page note found at the scene.

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Along with stating that this will be the last time he talks about the murder, John Ramsey admits that he feels responsible for his daughter's shocking death."You've been told by experts something that I know had to be hard to hear and hard to live with over the years. Well, apparently Ramsey's high-profile company hit a milestone, which was publicized shortly before his daughter's death.