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Joan allen dating

Garner, in particular, puts a strong spin on his character in a limited amount of screen time.

"Japanese artist Takanori Aiba has taken bonsai trees, food packaging, and even a tiny statue of the Michelin Man and constructed miniature metropolises around these objects, thus creating real-life Bottled Cities of Kandor.

Continue reading → When I interviewed Joan Allen and Sally Potter about their new film "Yes," I assumed everyone who saw it would love it as I do. Although it has many supporters, it has opened to some savage reviews ("Ideas of almost staggering banality" -- A. This year at the Toronto Film Festival, I've averaged three to four films a day and talked about movies in interviews, at lunch, in hotel lobbies, in elevators, corridors, standing next to hot dog stands, waiting in line for coffee, lingering on theater sidewalks and walking down the street. Continue reading → TORONTO -- Oscar season starts this weekend.

The Toronto International Film Festival has become the showcase for ambitious autumn releases by studios hoping for Academy Awards, or at least for good reviews of movies that adults can enjoy without resorting to their child within. -- Three of the best films at this year's Telluride festival deal with unusual frankness with sex. Kinsey, whose research revolutionized conventional ideas about human sexual behavior.

It's a film about falling in love and looking back on it, and it avoids many of the genre's syrupy dangers...

Beautifully shaped and shot, filled with fine actors doing moving work....

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"Love is exterminated all the time; its turned over; its discarded; its thrown away.

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