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Riccardo cocchi and yulia dating

That’s one of the main motivations… allow me to dance for U. You feel appreciated from the friends, you feel appreciated from the family, but you don’t feel the country helping you to go ahead. They are supporting from the beginning and we like that. Something that’s still in the dancesport arena, but not traditional dancesport? We have a lot of respect for people doing Dancing With The Stars. Dancing With The Stars in America and Italy are two different things. It would be a good idea and good thing to do when we stop dancing. In five years maybe we won’t even recognize what we do today.

The Italians have the majority in ballroom and they have the majority in Latin. This is your first time, Riccardo, dancing for the U. I danced about six months professional, the year after I won two world titles in amateur. The dancing is our life and the world title is the only reason we are dancing together. The pressure to develop something made it more exciting. He’s great because when we started to dance together we made it clear that even though we are dancing—myself and Yulia—the team is made of four; Shirley and Max are part of this team. I think the most important thing is to keep alive what we already have. What the people see when we are dancing is that we love to dance together and we love to dance. We want to achieve the best result, of course, the world championship. The first thing we want is the result in our sport. my goal is to bring something new, something special. I went so deep in the Latin that my love is very much about what I know the most now. I love watching standard; I learn so much from the style. What do you feel as a partnership, is your strength—the thing you have working for you to get to that point, and what do you think is your biggest obstacle to get to that point? Already dancing together for me was a big challenge, and we are doing that. You just have to love what you are doing and truly give everything for that. But when I started to dance with Yulia, I discovered another avenue of dancing.So of course we get close to knowing each other and there is not so much difference. You could have gone to Russia; you could have gone to Italy. We started in January at the UK competition, and Joanna and I ended in September in Los Angeles at the World Championship here in America. Was it difficult getting together with another high-ranking partner for either of you? It probably made Max feel really good too that it worked for you to dance together, because he wanted to explore other things. This business is kind of a strange business, because, of course, everybody wishes you the best, but if somebody loves you, they’re supporting you in everything you are doing. I tried with him then I start to feel, “Okay, I can do this, I can do that.” Now when I’m dancing, I feel I do have what I had before, but still I have some changes. Of course we have still a lot of things to develop. We are just starting to be more comfortable with each other. Each time we dance together, it’s not about how much we know, but how much we can feel and how much our body can adapt toward the other in different kinds of situations. We don’t want a political situation to spoil anything we love at the moment. We want to win the world championship and from that everything can be. Sometimes I also like to dance the ballroom, but I don’t want to try again. But I’m not sure if I would like to do that instead of Latin. The freedom to do what you want to because you know what is allowed and not allowed in the book, I think is the most important thing.In the world window, Americans always have a good dance spotlight. I think the best thing is they are surely here with us, and sometimes they’re tough. Because you practice one way in this studio you practice another way in another studio, or dancing in competition, or doing a show or having a jet lag problem. And we have to keep what we have as alive as possible. Like by next year I want this, by the next year I want that. Max and Shirley are helping us in everything we need. We have to decide with the time what we want to do, when we want to do it. If they say they think it would be better another way, we can discuss and adjust to what we have to do. We believe we have a lot to still give the dancing business in an original way. It doesn’t matter if it’s on TV, or it’s another place. A good dancer is 10-dance; it is not just Latin or ballroom. I’m not sure if I can open myself enough in that kind of style. So we’re not going to see you two doing 10-dance then? I’m very, very surprised because I had some feelings of what Italian people were like… maybe from movies, or from other people which I met. I think it’s great to have two good dancers because at the moment in each couple today there is one that is stronger and in ours there is no main person. Everybody can give something extra on the dance floor, but at the beginning of course they have to know the technical aspect.And I won my first Italian championship the same year. We were just happy I think to dance at that competition. I said, “Okay, wow, we already are in front of finalist couples… and than I was thinking that soon it was our name next... Last year the challenge was between Sergie and Agnieszka and Andrei Skufca and Katarina Venturini. I feel like I would like now to do something else special.” We just talked about what could be a good partner for me, because I said, “Max, I think I can do something more. But I was wishing somehow, yes, for a girl like her that was not her. It was interesting that you said that Yulia is probably one of the best in the world.It was really a challenge to be ready to dance that soon. International is a special place because you’re not waiting on the floor for the results; you’re waiting in the changing room. And Skufca was the world champion when I was third or fourth in amateur. I would like to continue the competitive part.” I said, “Why not, let’s try it.” Shirley Ballas was our main coach and Riccardo... I’m very critical of myself and she’s very critical of herself, but we support each other.

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Riccardo and Yulia spend enormous amounts of time practicing and planning their career.