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Longley wife dating club

Last Saturday night, secluded in a favorite booth in Balthazar, a fashionable, amber-lit bistro in downtown Manhattan, Jerry Seinfeld split a celebratory bottle of champagne with Jessica Sklar, the young woman who moments earlier had agreed to become his bride.

Too excited even to eat their meals, they spent the remainder of the evening laughing, kissing, talking about their lives, grinning ecstatically and—as they used to say on —yada yada yada.

“I was very surprised when I heard about [the engagement],” says former producer Peter Mehlman, who adds that the star said nothing when they talked last week.

“They truly enjoy New York life,” a mend says of Sklar.He certainly didn’t show a sentimental side in his nine seasons as one of a quartet of self-centered, nitpicky New Yorkers on .In his years since becoming famous, he has had only one other major girlfriend—Shoshanna Lonstein, whom he began dating in 1993, when she was just 17.In recent months, Seinfeld, whose most visible appearance postsitcom has been a Broadway stand-up gig taped for HBO in August 1998, seemed to be doing not much more than basking in the fact that he is no longer the overworked star of a major television series. (“That wasn’t serious,” says a close friend of Jessica’s.“I hang out on the Upper West Side,” he told PEOPLE last January. “I would have met him otherwise.”) And she continued to talk to her first husband, says a friend of Eric Nederlander’s, “telling him she loved her single life—that being single was great.” They even dined together several weeks ago, says the pal.

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“She’s never had a shortage of boyfriends,” says one family friend.