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Gretsch dating

I was actually advised against that approach by a guy who collects information on Gretsch guitars. Of these, more than 2,375 are from Round Badge drums.

That represents more than two percent of all RB drums with serial numbers.

Up until now, no one has published a guide for these models.

Thus far I have gathered information on 250 drums, 46 of which have both date stamps and serial numbers.

There may have been a time period influencing their appearances.

Mid 50's saw silver colored on Snares but I can't recall having ever seen anything other than brass on a snare after silver sealer started and probably even before.

Rick thanks for the update.i made note of the change.

a couple of questions about round badge grommets and tom tacks. ive read that gretsch didnt flange the bottom of the grommet on the bass drum so the badge sometimes came there a specific time period that determined grommet choice?

Who knows.....years/decades to come some people may really appreciate that. If you see any, please drop me a message so that I catch every one. There is one inconsistency that someone pointed out to me.

Might just have been a lack of supply for the brass colored ones.

Also, as my paper is very data-driven and I continue to collect more reports of vintage Gretsch drums, I anticipate that there will be additional refinements to the paper.

I can either post them here or you can PM or Email me and I'll send the serial numbers and other info. I think it's fun to keep a record of the serial numbers, when they were bought and where they are or have been. I wanted to offer a sincere thank you to everyone who has read it and sent me a message or email about it. I am aware of a few typos, which I will address before the second printing of the paper.

If you're also collecting serial numbers for the newer drums I have a 125th Anniversary snare (4.4x14 - RB) and Drop G badged drums bought this year to match the finish.

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what about the brass tacks securing the badges to the toms?

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