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However, they caught a rut, and the flipping began. Meanwhile Marquis rode it out with the car, which ended up right on top of him.

Fire trucks were unable to access the inferno quickly because of the huge crowds, and half of one of the two garage structures was completely destroyed.Based on Cape Cod, driven by Todd Veney, the 3500hp Hemi won the 2012 NHRA Eastern Region title.Our buddy Tommy Howell was there, actually underneath the car with tools checking on a couple of things when no one was looking.In 2010 he had a horrendous crash, literally launching him down the mountain. Though Cummins had to fight mightily to overcome depression and to heal his thoroughly broken body, there was little question for anyone that he would be back. From #993 - Around the turn into the 1960s, a buoyant early supermodified wave flowed over the Northwest at facilities such as Portland (Oregon) Speedway.Quite a few competitors used the division as a stepping stone to national competition, Len Sutton, Art Pollard, Bob Gregg, and Les Anderson among them.

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From #991 - Geoff Bodine ran a Pinto-bodied modified in 1981.

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