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You can pay monthly statements with a debit card, which is a feature many credit cards lack. After that, the annual fee drops to , but then you get hit with a .25 monthly servicing fee (which ends up being per year).There are fees if you receive a credit limit increase, fees if you lose your card, and fees for copies of statements.The application is slightly more detailed than others we’ve seen, but don’t worry - reviewers say the company approves pretty much anyone who wants credit cards with bad credit.On its website, First Progress confirms that it does not have any specific credit score requirements in place, so it’s easy to get this card.

This three-digit number has a major impact on everything from employment offers to rental-home eligibility, and unfortunately, many people judge your trustworthiness by the condition of your credit.

Speaking of taking a vacation, we’re psyched that this credit card offers 24/7 travel assistance and roadside assistance services.

You can also use it to reserve vacation lodging and automobile rentals. If you’re approved (and nearly everyone is), you’ll have to shell out for an account activation fee.

Check out our detailed descriptions of the bad credit credit cards below so you can make an informed decision before applying.

You deserve a fresh start, and we want to make sure it’s a good one.

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Everybody pays the same amount regardless of creditworthiness, and all applicants start out with a $300 credit line.