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Realmlist updating failed wow

For starters, if you haven't been online in the game yet, please refer to the Beginner's Guide 2.0; lots of helpful information pertaining to the registration of a Nostalrius game account and download/installation of the 1.12.1 game client as well as an FAQ.Getting Started on Nostalrius Begins Nostalrius Begins Terms of Use Nostalrius Begins FAQs Nostalrius Begins Team Announcements forum Support forum Account Issues subforum Nostalrius Wo W client downloads Solutions for connection problems Alliance/Horde ratio Alliance guild headquarters Horde guild headquarters Mechanics and Classes Player vs Player Items Marketplace Alliance/Horde trusted crafters Addons and Macros Essential addons posted individually Vanilla addons repository How to maximize quality and smoothness in-game Absolutely!If you find yourself unable to log into the game or you can login but are experiencing one or more problems in the game itself, try the solutions listed below.These solutions could potentially fix the following problems: Two commands called a "tracert" and a "pathping" can be run in a Windows command prompt to help troubleshoot connectivity problems to these IP addresses.Proceed to open Wo W and login again and a new WDB folder will automatically be created.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------" folder next.

Simply log out and close Wo W, browse to and open your World of Warcraft Classic folder on your computer, locate the WDB folder, and delete it.Deleting this folder will not harm anything, but it may cause customized chat, addon, and macro settings to be deleted.After deletion, it will force your game client to re-download your account information from the game server and will create a new WTF folder using default values.Whatever the reason, one solid troubleshooting method that should always be employed is the uninstall/reinstall. All data pertaining to your account and character(s) are stored on the Nostalrius server.At worst, you'll lose minor customized things like chat settings and addon configurations.

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Follow the same steps above but when you get to step #4, set the value to: After changing and saving the file, open Wo W and try to login.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------" folder acts as a "database" that contains information on a variety of things, including: mobs, items, gear, NPCs, quests, etc.