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But he’s clearly putting lots of time and thought into spending time with you, so maybe this is when things finally change. Daichi’s a funny and energetic character, so his path certainly kept me from being bored.I didn’t latch onto his character so well, mainly in that I felt his conflict was kinda pushed aside for the sake of smiles, but I can say that anyone who has a taste for bright-eyed optimism will certainly find a home here. Their father owns said cafe and Haru believes that he still clearly loved Akito’s mother more than he does Haru’s, which weighs heavily on his mind.And yet, he’s managed to keep a decently happy mood about him and remains one of the more upfront and honest students in the school.

It’s anime-inspired – that much can never be denied- and the fact that her games are made in flash does place some limits on shading and fleshing out.

You can raise your mood, thankfully, by watching movies, reading books, and other such things.

If you need more energy before bedtime, there’re places to buy food.

Now, if you want the cute boy, you just gotta remember to track him down and chat with him as much as possible.

Most of the time, you’ll get the usual schtick, where you pick one of two responses to earn some points towards their ending but, occasionally, you’ll trigger an important event in their story that you need to participate in for the best ending.

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That being said, I did always find her bishounen guys appealing and the little chibi sprites have their appeal as well. Longtime fans may not recognize him without his crazy mop of hair, but he actually appeared in one of Pacthesis’s joke games way back in the day and just so happens to be the brother of Mako, the soccer-obsessed boy from .