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Liquidating assets definition

A will that has been properly executed by a competent person—the testator—as required by law is entitled to be probated, even if some of its provisions are invalid, obscure, or cannot be implemented.A will made as a result of Fraud or Undue Influence or a will that has been altered so that all its provisions are revoked will be denied probate.The probate of a will means proving its genuineness in probate court.Unless otherwise provided by statute, a will must be admitted to probate before a court will allow the distribution of a decedent's property to the heirs according to its terms.A thorough and diligent search for the will is necessary before a copy can be probated as a lost will. In Pennsylvania, the probate is not conclusive as to lands, and, although not allowed by the Register's court, it may be read in evidence. A codicil, which is a supplement to a will, is entitled to be probated together with the will it modifies, if it is properly executed according to statute. The person with possession of a will, usually the personal representative or the decedent's attorney, must produce it.

A will should be probated immediately, and no one has the right to suppress it.

Consequently, the legal costs of probating an estate could be substantial.

States that have adopted the UPC provisions on probate procedures allow informal probate proceedings that remove the probate court from most stages of the process, with the result that informal probate is cheaper and quicker than formal probate. 662, as to the effect of a probate on real and personal property, 3. In Massachusetts, Connecticut, North Carolina, and Michigan, the probate is conclusive of its validity, and a will cannot be used in evidence till proved.

Probate proceedings are usually held in the state in which the decedent had domicile or permanent residence at the time of death.

If, however, the decedent owned real property in a another state, the will disposing of these assets must also be probated in that state.

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As a general rule, the original document must be presented for probate. The probate is a judicial act, and while unimpeached, authorizes debtors of the deceased in paying the debts they owed him, to the executors although the will may, have been forged.

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