Error validating access token

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Error validating access token

OK I did that and now the Facebook channel is complaining that the app has been deleted. -Melissa Will have to keep reading the documentation again.

If you have not logged in via FB credentials, not Joomla credentials and not on, then you won't receive prompts for scope/permissions. -Melissa I am in the process of deleting and recreating the Facebook App.If you have gotten past that, can you try toggling the ' Post as Page' option in the channel to No? But here are the issues on the Facebook Channel page: "The selected user has not granted the "manage_pages" permission. Please make sure your channel is published and review settings for any possible errors.Please have them login on the front-end of the site and accept the correct permission." And I am not getting the validation popup. There may be no current posts available from the social network.I took Microsoft's suggestion and decided to update my Windows 7 installation, But when I got up in the morning to check how the update went, all I had on screen was a text message that there had been an unauthorized access to firmware and that the boot-sector on the RAID 5 array could no longer be located.Hopefully uploading new firmware will solve the problem, but I won't get to that today, So I will attach those screen shots tomorrow.

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