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It manages that compact size by not having a display screen, so you’ll need the app, which is free to download.

You can easily use that to ensure the camera is set up correctly and download easily.

There’s built-in GPS so your location is recorded with the data, and you can easily store a clip manually to ensure it doesn’t get overwritten.

It has crash sensors so it will do that automatically but it’s belt and braces to do that manually.

A CPL (Circular Polarizer) filter only costs a further £5 and that helps cut down any glare or reflection from the windscreen and is recommended.

With fraudulent claims and tax on insurance rising in the last year, driving costs for the youngest motorists have escalated to new levels.

We reckon a figure of £150 makes a sensible maximum as you get all you need within that range. This super small Joo Vuu device is one of the most discreet dash cams on the market - and one of the most affordable.Footage captured by drivers is even being used by police forces to penalise dangerous drivers caught in the act.More and more motorists are feeling the benefits of using a dash cam, especially with the recent spate of cash-for-crash scams.It will even keep active when you’re parked so if someone reverses into you you’ll know who it was.Rating: If you’re looking for a more discreet camera, then the Roadhawk Vision fits the bill.

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However, some are not happy to be tracked by insurers and find the policies intrusive.