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The surname Mc Nulty was, then, the 2332 most frequently occurring surname in that database. 30 miles north of Pyongyang, however, there still sat the heavily fortified and armed enemy positions at Sukchon and Sunchon. One day later, on 21 October 1950, UN forces out of Pyongyang were able to link with the paratroopers of the 187th Airborne Regimental Combat Team to consolidate the position. 4,000 more troops and 600 more tons of jeeps, trucks, howitzers and other war materials were airlifted. Mc Nulty had earlier served as operations officer of the United States Army Air Force’s 668th Bomb Squadron, flying A-26 Invader bomber missions over the coasts of France and the Low Countries during World War II. Mc Nulty (1921-1968) was recruited to the CIA in early 1968 from U. Army Special Forces (Green Berets Airborne), where he had served for much of his 28 years in the U. For years the non-official cover for Mc Nulty’s death was that he accidentally died while a private citizen working as a contract adviser to the Thailand National Police."On the 11th May, 1969 a platoon of A Company was pinned down in a heavy contact against an enemy battalion headquarters position.Denis Mc Inulty, one of the first Mc Nulty to arrive in Australia, arrived there from Scotland on on the prisoner transport the China under a 10-year sentence of the Glascow Justiciary Court. Sir Arthur Mac Nalty (sometimes, Mc Nalty) (1880–1969) was the 8th Chief Medical Officer (United Kingdom) (1935–1941) and a historian. The 314th Airlift Wing continued to bring in supplies thereafter to fortify the U. Many of the highly experienced pilots of the 668th flew 60 or more bombing missions in the European theatre of World War II. The platoon commander was seriously wounded ten yards in front of the enemy position and could not be extracted despite several frontal attacks.

Mc Nulty Hall also houses an observatory and large amphitheater. Department of Interior, United States Geological Survey Lexicon of Geological Names of the United States. If an internal link intending to refer to a specific person led you to this page, you may wish to change that link by adding the person's given name(s) to the link.His personal courage and professional advice was responsible for saving the South Vietnamese troops from further severe casualties and the possibility of being overrun by the enemy assault."In August, 1969, Sergeant Mc Nulty's platoon was engaged in two separate major contacts with superior size enemy forces entrenched in bunkers.On both occasions Sergeant Mc Nulty inspired all ranks with his aggressiveness and courage which by now had become expected of him in all contacts with the enemy.With complete disregard for his own safety and despite being shaken by his near miss, he personally assaulted the position with grenades and killed the crew.He then began the collection of wounded in the area, moving freely through the enemy defensive fire that was now beginning to fall.

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Here some of the Mac Donlevys were nicknamed Ultagh/Ultach.