Roosh v online dating

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Roosh v online dating

Occasionally, I get lucky with a high quality target, but I don't have the motivation to go out the 5-10 times (I may be exaggerating-but its a painful process, and so it seems longer) it takes to find a decent girl to game.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...Mere regret afterwards "I drank last night" isn't a good enough excuse to blame it on someone else who was rolling with you (in the car, in the bed, on the dance floor doing silly dances, etc). Most drunk guys go for big women ; they don't become rapists. But because If I could not secure a conversation or connection with some girl I personally found attractive, I would rather hang out with my law can be an ass and case in point a paedophile here raped two children and assaulted many more and got about 8 years gaol.FB and internet posts from Eastern Europe still place roosh en route to Manchester UK for an antifa , pro rapeugee rally 2-27-16. But there's also persons who become uninhibited, have sex, wake up next to a gal who's about 50lbs heavier, and slightly hairier than he remembered, and takes a cold shower, vowing never to drink again (vow only lasts about 5 days). It reminds me of my days back in college, when you went out with the intend of getting laid, no matter what. Thankfully there was a public outcry but he still only got 13 years. The funny thing is, when guys do that out of wanting something -- the unattractive woman has the last laugh on him.I once told a friend she would look great in a size 4 and she thought I was accusing her of being fat! Roosh V began posting in seduction forums in the seduction community in the early 2000s.

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