Updating canadian citizenship card does consolidating credit card debt mean

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Updating canadian citizenship card

If you submit proof that you need your certificate urgently, it is at the discretion of the officer reviewing your file whether to expedite the processing of your application to replace your citizenship card.

For CIC to issue a new citizenship card to you, they have to confirm your identity.

The old style photo citizenship cards are still accepted as proof of Canadian citizenship by Passport Canada and other government agencies.

However, it is not possible to get a new photo citizenship card anymore.

To use travel as proof that you need your replacement certificate urgently you must be able to show an acceptable reason for why you need to travel so urgently.

This may include a funeral, a sick relative, a wedding, or another emergency.

If you need to prove you are a Canadian citizen for your job, your employer has to write a letter that should include: Keep in mind that urgent processing is not guaranteed.Contact us if you need help with your Statutory Declaration.As of February 2012, CIC no longer issues proof of Canadian citizenship in the form of a photo ID card.Get Your FIRST Canadian Citizenship Certificate Everyone born in Canada is a Canadian citizen.But, if you were born outside Canada and one of your parents was a Canadian citizen either by birth or naturalization at the time you were born, then you are a Canadian citizen by descent.

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To replace your citizenship certificate, follow the steps to apply for proof of citizenship.