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An avid reader as a teen, I knew where to find the clitoris just around the time my sex life kicked in. Women, like my Jeep, should come with an owner's manual that tells you where all the parts are, and how to fix 'em.

Closer to midlife, I actually did stumble across an occasional g-spot. lol The chakras are energy centers in Ayurvedic (Indian) medicine and philosophy. Tantric sex isn't something done to the women; both partners need to be actively involved.

These constituted a vital offering to Tantric deities.

Sexual rites may also have evolved from clan initiation ceremonies involving the transaction of sexual fluids.

I'm not gonna convince a non-believer and YOU aren't going to change my real life experiences!!

Well I am on chapter five of a book by Diane Richardson called, "Tantric Orgasm for Women" and it has be enlightening to me.I was just asking if anyone out there had experiences to share. It's a way of being that works for them, and some are smart enough to make money from it, which makes them happy.This type of sex is interesting because it raises energy and renews the spirit. Others liked to be milked of their money by the mystics, and that makes everybody happy. I thought you might at least answer his questions to prove him wrong though.When the focus is away from the act of male and female ejaculation and towards raising orgasmic energy by taking it 'slowly' then both partners will be giving each other electromagnetic pleasure rather than simply drain each other of life seed. I suppose you believe in Atlantis and Crystal Energy healing and Reiki too????? Like, perhaps meeting someone, instead of harassing people?Has anyone here tried tantric sex in any prolonged way and how has it worked for you? Here's a thought, try looking for information about those topics WITHOUT looking in a book store with an esoteric name or on a website dedicated to New Age, Wicca, Native American Shamanism, Chuluaqui Quodoushka, Sex, healing or other.... By the way, those people sell that stuff to make money. What is sold to you as "Tantric" lovemaking is sold to others as "Chuluaqui Quodoushka" and so forth.... If you are so off-put by her belief in the subject, what makes you think that other people aren't off-put by you going out of your way to insult others, albeit thinly veiled.

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Curious I poked around in Google and came across the following.

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