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Business etiquette includes everything from how to have a more polished presentation to corporate networking to body language and eye contact.

We also live in the one of the most social cities in the world.

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There will also be a finishing program on weekends.

Several of the Wednesday classes have already sold out since opening up this month, and there are plans to add more to accommodate interest. How are etiquette courses different today than 20 years ago, when the Plaza actually once held them? With dating, for instance, there’s so much more with gender — with same-sex couples, who holds the door for who, who pays.

We’re going back to the roots of social interaction.

“[We’re] making it more modern,” said Meier, who has attended finishing schools in Switzerland and England.

The majority of the lessons are very practical, day-to-day, meant for the modern professional.

The business and social graces courses already sold out. They sold out within probably the first 48 hours, which is fantastic. Now we network online, and when you go to networking events, maybe you leave with one or two business cards and an email, you don’t really get that much out of it.

“Everyone thinks of etiquette as being stuffy or that if you’re in the top 1% that’s how you’re able to learn these rules.

But it’s quite the contrary.” In a move to make its etiquette lessons more accessible, Beaumont Etiquette instructors will be leading group classes for men and women at the Plaza Hotel on select Wednesdays starting in January through April.

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If you’re walking into any room, whether for business or social purposes, you have seven seconds.