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Empowering yourself to know and do what you're comfortable with will benefit you.Whether in this relationship or another, you'll be one step closer to chuppah.But what I hear you asking is, "If we want to connect, why can't we just wait until we can speak rather than texting all day?" Great question, and I applaud you for making the effort to make a real connection rather than substitute a quick, "how r u" text.This may not be an easy conversation for you to have (and it definitely isn't one you can send in a text message! Speaking over the phone, or even better, in person, about technology and etiquette will tell you if you and your potential partner are on the same page.If you two can't agree about texting while dating, I wonder what else you may not agree on.

See where your preferences and values align and differ. Your investment in setting healthy boundaries now will set the tone and pace of the relationship.

I want to give our relationship a good opportunity for growth.

Would you mind if we developed our relationship over the phone and in person and hold off on texting? In addition, you've articulated what does work for you.

Both phone conversations and text messages will keep you in touch while you are physically apart.

But some people don't just enjoy constant contact, they need it.

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Our society has bred us to be dependent on instant replies.

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