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Dating customs in the czech republic

I asked her if she would be nice enough to jot down some thoughts about this Czech experience from her point of view and here is what she wrote: (great story! ) The first Czech I saw in him is when we initially met.

He was young, skinny, hyper, and barely knew English.

We met at the Sparta ice-hockey arena, both having gotten tickets from a mutual English-teacher friend. We ate strawberries on Kampa, rollerbladed in Stromovka and drank beer at the Riegrovy sady beer garden. We’ve been back in the Czech Republic for ten years now.My husband has funny Czech sayings, he loves to watch fairy tales, and he absolutely has to be outside at least 2 hours every day. He’s a work-a-holic and he’s dedicated to taking care of his family. We’re so behind the times even in the middle of our technology boom. We sit far from each other at parks or avoid each other’s gazes while walking past. Being married to a Czech man has increased my awareness of how different cultures are, how to stop identifying myself as an American and becoming more human.He always wanted me to cook as fresh as possible and never understood how I can go to the grocery store only once a week. He’s not below of bugging the crap out of his friends to find work if his current job is going slow. And he also taught me how to make the greatest thing on Earth: KRUPICE!!!!Several historical personalities have special meaning for Czechs.The earliest is Václav I (Wenceslas I, familiar from the popular Christmas carol), who was killed by the order of his younger brother and successor, Boleslav I, in 929 or 935.

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