Teen internet dating fraud

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Teen internet dating fraud

I have seen conversations that appeared to be started in the name of love turn very, very nasty and hateful.

When I speak of Mormon bashing and Mormon hating, I think we both know that those people are out there…in numbers. Good, honest, men and women have died while defending their beliefs, and I can understand, now, why they did.

Is The Book of Mormon A Fraud Here is the bottom line.

If the Book of Mormon is true, then Joseph Smith was a prophet.

Even the people that were trying to steal them from Joseph knew that he had something special. Do you make it a habit to point out what you believe to be faults in every religion?

They existed, and now you can hold it in your hand and find out for yourself if its true. Do you search out conversations regarding the Catholic, Protestant, Muslim and other religions and proceed to tell them how narrow-minded and gullible they ALL are?

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