Zac and zac dating Sexlinechat

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Well, giving the rumors a rest we confirm that there is nothing romantic behind the scenes, it is their excellent acting that has got the rumors swirling.

Commenters chimed in with everything from curiosity ("Are you guys dating???Zac Efron's dating rumors with his previous costar Alexandra Daddario Yes, Zac and Zendaya have been bind by the bond of friendship.The costars mixed up really well from day one of their meeting and can be seen complementing and criticizing each other's work as close friends.The paparazzi were ever-present to snap behind-the-scenes photos (bless you, 2017!) of the costars, er, , but it's hard to read true chemistry from a photo alone. To start, it's important to mention that Daddario actually plays a potential love interest of Efron's character.

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