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What to ask a woman while dating

): Romans believed in their libido-increasing abilities and Casanova wrote that he ate 50 for breakfast in "The Story of My Life." Well guess what?

The mollusks are packed with the feel-good hormone dopamine.

Step 3 -- Have Three "Go To" Dating Outfits In Your Closet You don't want to be scavenging through your closet with nothing to wear one hour before you're supposed to meet a man for a coffee date. That means it's the perfect time to find a couple of mix and match pieces that you can pull out of your closet at a moment's notice to make you feel great.

Choose soft colors or styles that bring out the feminine side of you that men so love.

They said that it wouldn't be long before a great relationship came along.When you found someone, you hung out and really got to know each other before you fell in love and chose to marry.Fast forward to today, when one out of every four over-50 marriages is ending in divorce.If you're like most women, you probably don't realize exactly how men think.What might sound like a total no-no to you as a modern woman is just what men want to hear the most.

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Step 1 -- Rediscover Your Mojo You are only going to attract a man who loves you as much as you love yourself, so now's the time to find out what makes you so special.

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