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This is where some growers opt for synthetic products to attempt to restore the health of their plants.

However, the incorrect use of these products can result in undesirable outcomes such as root burn and the damaging and weakening of leaves.

Every grower will have their own preference when it comes to strains.

Some prefer a powerful, cerebral sativa high that leaves them feeling energised and motivated.

These scenarios can result in nutrient lockout and may obstruct adequate photosynthesis.

Remember that lesson about photosynthesis in biology class?

Doing so will ensure you avoid catastrophes that can greatly slow down the process and even reduce the yield of an entire crop.

These sugars are the food of plants, and the more they create and consume, the larger and more vibrant they become.Not only will using feminized seeds save time, they will also help you avoid potentially disastrous errors.If any males within the grow space are missed, they will start to release pollen and subsequently pollinate the surrounding females.These deficiencies might slow growth and even reduce the quality of your flowers.To ensure that your crop is receiving the full spectrum of nutrients that it needs for optimal growth, use quality organic soil that is full of nutrients and requires few amendments until near the end of the grow cycle.

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The genetic traits that carry over can include certain weaknesses and diseases that the original plant experienced.

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