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Robert Wapenski was beaten on the face, head and back, and speaker wire was used by his alleged assailant in an attempt to choke him to death, according to an affidavit released as part of Mc Henry County District Court documents unsealed in the case Friday.

Chad Vincent Legare, the Alexandria, Minn., man facing charges in the attack on Wapenski, is alleged to have hidden himself in an office in the rectory in Anamoose, where Wapenski worked as pastor of St.

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The medical staff said Wapenski had volunteered that “he (the assailant) had been after me for a while,” and “he (the assailant) drove a long way to do this,” and “he (the assailant) wore gloves.”“There was pooled blood on the floor consistent with someone laying there for an unknown period of time, most likely while unconscious.

Wapenski told the officers that it was dark in the office that morning and when he went to turn on the lights, that was when he was attacked.

Zachmeier determined that a chain on/off switch on a ceiling fan light in the room had been turned to the off position.

To support his claim, Mc Kiernan referred to a church-commissioned survey, done by the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, that grew out of a historic meeting of U.

bishops in Dallas in 2002, a time when the clergy sexual abuse scandal was flaring up.

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However, in speaking with investigators, the woman denied Legare’s allegations that she had been sexually assaulted, according to the affidavit.

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