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Wyclef jean dating lauryn hill

(Aikasha, now divorced from Aswad, testified in court that she had been a victim of his violence as well, and admitted that she had not protected her children.

According to Aikasha’s testimony, her mother—Aziza’s grandmother—had called the police on more than one occasion, as well as children’s services, but “each time they left singing his praises.…

[Aswad told us] what to say and what not to say [to children’s services].

We were directed to not say anything that incriminated him.”)As Aziza’s father, Aswad Ayinde, climbed in the music business, she remembers meeting artists like Wyclef Jean and Lauryn Hill.

But by then, out of sight, the Ayinde household had become increasingly bizarre.

She made a plan for running away but didn’t go through with it because she didn’t want to leave her siblings in danger. I barely talked for a while; I was so depressed.” Any kind of help seemed out of reach. We’d moved to East Orange, and our new house was in the middle of a gut renovation with no plumbing, and I knew I would give birth at home; my father had made my mother do the same with my younger siblings. We were always singing and dancing because Aswad was a music video director. I spent more sleepless nights worrying that he would sexually abuse her. But one morning, when he was out of town, her youngest, still an infant, started having seizures.And he came up with seemingly endless ways to violate her, as she would later testify in court—sex acts with his girlfriend, sex acts with a dog and a cat, coprophilia, choking during intercourse.Once she turned 13, he demanded sex once a day, sometimes more.It all started with a man who found success in the music business (he directed the Fugees’ “Killing Me Softly” video)—while secretly abusing his wife and children with brutal depravity.How Aziza Kibibi, 40, and Arrishtk Ayinde, 23, bloomed from such a tangled family tree is a wonder.

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