Attitudes toward interracial dating scale

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The American treatment of its own ethnic-Chinese population (among others) and the ethno-specific targeting of this particular group of fellow immigrants leaves a lot to be desired.To be fair, not everything bad that happened to the Chinese in America should be construed as being solely due to ethnic persecution.In China alone, which was officially an Allied nation during WWII, there were 35 million deaths.The mass media continue to project contradictory images that either dehumanize or demonize the Chinese, with the implicit message that they represent either a servile class to be exploited, or an enemy force to be destroyed.While the Chinese generally fared better than Native Americans and African slaves, a gray-zone distinction was made in many American states to tentatively class the Chinese as fellow-immigrants with very limited rights.The questions that beg to be asked are: Why were the Chinese—who were arguably just as entitled as the Europeans were to the New World, and who could be argued to have had just as manifest a destiny as the whites, if not more—subjected to such a high level of persecution?There is also genetic evidence to support this.* *Genetic evidence found in Amerindians (maternally inherited) mitochondrial DNA (mt DNA) supports the theory of pre-Columbian multiple genetic founding populations migrating from Asia.

hile the slavery of Africans and the genocide of Native Americans are familiar topics to many, what the Chinese in America endured remains an unfamiliar subject to most.(Diagram provided by the Daily Mail) The phenomenon is not isolable to cultural dissimilation.Follow-up studies indicate that Asian male adoptees who were brought up in Caucasian households with completely Anglo-Saxon environments encounter a lack of acceptance by Caucasian females. If the accounts of the Chinese Buddhist monk Hui Shen , who visited a land he called Fusang, are anything to go by, then in 450 AD, the Chinese traveled along what can only be the West Coast of America, southward from present-day British Columbia, to Baja California.This has created and continues to create identity issues for generations of American-born Chinese: a sense of being different, or alien, in their own country; of being subjected to greater scrutiny and judged by higher standards than the general populace.Asians currently constitute nearly 5% of the US population—one out of every twenty US citizens is of Asian descent, many of whom are fully acculturated Americans.

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Marriage statistics in the US, which is considered the worlds largest melting pot, revealed the lowest rates of intermarriage for Asian males (as opposed to Asian females).

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