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He is also being interrogated as authorities are still investigating the murder and attempted suicide case.

However, in the suicide note, the killer officer made no apologies for his plans.

But as the war in Europe wound down, a trio of drunken, brazen, and almost comically inept thieves—all of them, regrettably, U. Army officers—managed to pull off one of the most lucrative wartime thefts in history.

Late on the last day of October 1944 princes Wolfgang and Richard of Germany’s illustrious House of Hesse gingerly lowered a large wooden box into a hole in the basement floor of Kronberg Castle outside Frankfurt.

In fact, he even said “Most idiot would insult me” but he would rather be called “crazy lover who died for heartbreak.” The note read thus: “It’s a privilege for me writing this note because it would be read by most of men.

It’s a love story of a guy falling in love with a wrong witch who pretended to be good in my eyes and in the eyes of my loving mother.

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