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A Chinese sex doll maker is working to create the world's first truly 'smart' companion that can talk, play music, and even turn on your dishwasher.

Exdoll, located in the port city of Dalian, currently makes around 400 custom robots per month, with the most popular being the basic model which costs 0.

It's current smart model, called Xiaodie, retails for ,000 and comes equipped with a Siri-like device which allows it to speak, browse the internet, and use smart appliances connected to Wi Fi.

But within a year the firm aims to have the doll mimicking complex movements and facial expressions, recognising user's voices, and following people around the room with their eyes.

A shapely prototype in a racy white dress bows to greet male engineers at the factory.

They eventually plan to make the robots so advanced they could be used to cure loneliness in the elderly and care for the handicapped.

The dolls could even be repurposed to work as medical assistants and receptionists, the manufacturer says.

The gap is attributed to China's former one-child policy and a traditional preference for sons, which has led to selective and illegal abortion.

Some 114 boys are born for every 100 girls, far above the global average.

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However, the most popular dolls have pale skin, disproportionately swelled breasts and measure between 158 and 170 centimetres (five foot two and five foot seven) tall.

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