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Because Internet dating is initially absent of verbal and nonverbal cues typically used to assess the credibility and trustworthiness of a prospective mate, you may develop an inaccurate perception of your partner.

Always let friends/family know where you are going on your date, details of who you’re going to meet, and what time you plan to be home. Predators are masterful at building trust and confidence quickly and can take their victims by surprise. If cyber stalked, block the offender’s email address from your email account and tell your online dating company/ies to remove the offender’s profile from their site.

If your date is going well and you want to extend it beyond the time specified, call the person you let know about the date and tell them what time you’ll be home later. Meet in a well lit public place, during daylight hours, with other people around. Bring a friend to protect you in case the date goes badly. Use your own transportation or public transportation. Wear conservative clothing; avoid suggestive language and jokes. Take a cell phone or change for a pay phone so you can communicate with friends/family if necessary. Verify your date’s name and description using their driver’s license. If necessary, change your email address so it’s unsearchable by your stalker. Immediately report any stalking, sexual assault, or Internet dating crime to your local police.

The service is run by Mark Brooks who worked for Friendster, Friend Finder and in the past.

TRUE is a safety focused online relationship service whose mission is to help singles find long lasting and fulfilling relationships.

It is the only online relationship service that conducts criminal background screening and single verification screening.

We want to facilitate both sides of the equation, for the long term and short term mindsets. As a relationship company, in the next couple of months we will introduce pre-marriage counseling, pre-commitment counseling and self help guides combined with a referral service to specialist counselors. My wife and I occasionally argue, as do all married couples.

You will see more and more testing on True; matching base upon users goals, whatever they are within the dating continuum. We stumbled on a technique where we become each other’s attorney.

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And, depending on the case, police can run a forensic computer analysis on your computer and the offender’s computer.

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