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I don’t even know if I said stay in bounds and I look up and they’re looking for a place to go down in bounds.They make my job really easy.” The game appeared to be on pace for a back-and-forth offensive battle when the teams traded touchdowns on their opening possessions of the game.The Tigers held Muenster to a 25-yard field goal from Trey Mc Taggart late in the first quarter, giving the Hornets a 10-7 lead.The rest of the half was all defense, as Tenaha finished with just 65 yards through the first two quarters.No less than 346 First Class staterooms and nine Luxury Suites offer unique accommodation across three decks above sea level.

“It ended up being just a tremendous football game, which is kind of what we expected, right? It’s just crazy and just speaks volumes about the athletes we have in Muenster.” After a nine-yard touchdown run by junior quarterback Parker Mc Grew just before the end of the third quarter, Muenster entered the fourth with a seven-point edge simply needing its defense to return to the level of play displayed in the first half to walk away with a win. Muenster went three-and-out on the ensuing possession, but the defense picked up the slack by again shutting down the Tigers.

Stay on board The Queen Mary, once a world-class ocean liner, and now a luxurious floating hotel based in Long Beach, California.

World-renowned as one of the greatest luxury liners to have sailed the seas, the RMS Queen Mary’s last voyage set out in December 1967 and now functions as a unique floating hotel with three award-winning restaurants.

For the better part of the first 24 minutes of Thursday’s Class 2A Division II state championship game, Muenster and Tenaha were locked in a stalemate.

The Hornets held Tenaha completely in check offensively, but found themselves leading by just three at the half thanks to a fumble and a red zone stand from the Tigers.

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“It’s amazing how hard they work, but it’s really amazing how smart they are,” Carney said.