Married women dating mursboro

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Married women dating mursboro

AGOMIN AND OTHER GRAMMARIANS ‘I HE Chandra'Vyakaeana and the Kasika- Vritti Whitney’s Eoots, Verb-form-, and Primary Derivatives of the Sanskrit Language 33 80 81 203 228 181 183 8G I’he Kiratarjuniya of Bharavi ... 299, 328 PKA3IADADASA MITKA, BENAEES — The British Natioml Anthem tka.vslated IVTO S\.

AUKEL STEIN, Buda-Pesth Afghanistan in Avestic Geography ... A day or two later the thag who plaj^ed the part of a woman re •[ nested the princess to lend him some ten thousand rupees, promising to return them when roinittances arrived fmm his country. reiy night the i Ji Ofjs quietly decamped The R'lvariya and his wife henceforward from the city, and washed oif their assumed I lived in peace and happiness, and the thagsalso forms at the first river that came in their ! pretending to be hurt bv the words of the princess, “ where does a woman seek for happiness but in her husband, her lord, her master ? despise not my poor husband,” cried the transformed tltag. The Biugalfur plite of Xa Pv \y^n ipala ^ Xote on the Ka-miri Port ible Brazier The Vi] lyanagara Genenlo'e-y ... E- nis An ‘r^'Tors Cli XXXII Dm E, HULTZSCH — Gwalior i Nscuip TDe N of Vtkr v^r A-SACiv AT 11 Gl.

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Cunningham’s Book of Indian Eras A Note on the Date of Mihirakula D. The horse- men found the iluvariya sitting b}' the river- side telling his beads, just as the (hags had left him, and succeeded in persuading him to return to his wife. TWO COPPER-PLATE GRANTS OF JAYACHCHANDRA OF KANAIJJ.

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