Alice eve and rufus sewell dating gossip Sex webcam in stockton

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Alice eve and rufus sewell dating gossip

In Starter for 10, she was Alice, a frostier, shallower fantasy blonde than Molly in She’s Out of My League, but a perfect, perfectly unattainable fantasy nonetheless for James Mc Avoy’s gawky student Brian.On TV, in the BBC adaptation of Jonathan Coe’s The Rotters’ Club, she played Cicely Boyd, another pedestal poster-girl for a geeky boy.The stunning blonde actress wed her teenage sweetheart in front of friends and family at Brompton Oratory, London, last night.Wearing a white cape with a white fur trim, the gorgeous actress - famed for her roles in Some Velvet Morning and Star Trek Into Darkness - looked incredible.Alice and Alex first dated when both attended sixth form college together at Westminster School; they rekindled their love again earlier this year.The actress previously dated poet Adam O'Riordan and actors Rafe Spall and Rufus Sewell, but it looks like her heart belonged to Alex.But if her look is designed to avoid attention, it does the opposite.It’s just like the movie – men forget what they were saying and stare in pure wonder. This is becoming something of a theme for Alice, 27.

She had a year at a school in Chichester while her mother was in a play there, and then moved to the progressive boarding school Bedales, where she had her first taste of acting. Her parents encouraged her to concentrate on her studies.

And all this on top of She’s Out of My League, a movie in which she is cast as the apogee of female perfection, a girl so far beyond the hopes of another nerdy guy, played by Jay Baruchel, that of course they end up together.

‘He feels that – she’s so lovely, how can he get her? This sort of persistent adulation could go to a girl’s head. Although she has the innate confidence of a beautiful being, she tells me with glee how she went to the website for She’s Out of My League and subjected herself to the online ‘How hot are you?

I wouldn’t be happy to measure myself against anyone in, say, an essay in medieval literature, but I wouldn’t be scared to take on a scene with any actor.’Alice says she felt academically intimidated at Oxford, even though she left with a 2:1. She’s off to Los Angeles the day after we meet for another film project. But thanks to his daughter he might get another shot now: in She’s Out of My League, Alice’s character Molly has a scene when her parents burst in at an unfortunate moment.

(She can’t say what it is, though: ‘It’s like buying a house – you shouldn’t even talk about it until you sign.’)She may spend a lot of time in California but London is home – she lives in a flat in West London’s Ladbroke Grove. And who better to play them than…Trevor Eve and Sharon Maughan. ‘I had to have parents and Dreamworks [the film studio] said, “We want your parents to play your parents.” Mum and Dad got the call and they came to Pittsburgh and it was actually wicked.

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Peering out of the window of a black cab she and new husband Alex Cowper-Smith jumped into after the ceremony, Alice looked out over London.

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