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Without any shame, the Swede took it in his mouth to the hilt, making the Dane pant and smirk down at him."You've always been good at this, huh? The taller blonde replied by starting to suck the tip seductively, then lick the shaft slowly.He wanted to please Matthias, because that's the way it worked between them: the more he pleased him during foreplay, the more the sex would be rough and good.Feliciano waved back with a happy face, but Ludwig, who was by his side, only nodded at him.Finally, the blue-eyed man found the '23' he was looking for, and lifted his eyes from the pass. Another blonde, with glasses and cold turquoise eyes.The Swede picked up the pillow the flight attendants gave to everyone and placed it against the space between the hublot and the wall. Less than ten minutes later, he was sleeping, his glasses still on."Guys, you gotta help me! Hey I just got an idea: we'll wake him up and tell him that a flight attendant has to have a word with him at the back of the plane..." the Dutchman started."..when he'll arrive no one will be there, except you! At this moment, the plane's bathroom door opened and a hand grabbed him by his shirt before pulling him in quickly enough for no one to notice." Matthias said to his friends with a serious face. The tall blonde suddenly was held by his arms, face against the mirror, and he felt something wet on his neck.The trio was talking loudly, but hopefully, the movie playing on the plane's screens made it less annoying for the people around them."You have a problem, pal? Listen, I REEEAAALLY would like to get to fuck Sve, but he'll never want! Funny, the younger blonde didn't even know who was doing this to him, and yet he seemed to like it."St'p th't! You have no idea of how long I've wanted to do this to you again..." the Dane whispered in his ear. The blue-eyed man jumped when the Swede actually wrapped his arms around his neck and deepened the kiss. He smiled as much as he could and slid his tongue in his partner's mouth.'He tastes so good, I can never get enough of him...' Matthias thought as he enjoyed feeling the other's body pressed against his own. The Dane grabbed the younger one by his hair and forced him to get on his knees in front of him. He shyly undid Matthias' belt and slid his jeans down to his ankles, leaving the man with only his underwear on to hide his crotch.

Matthias was smiling even more widely than the Chesire Cat himself."Berri! "We're seat neighbors, isn't it fucking fantastic?!

He didn't care to lose his dignity by sucking him on the floor.

The older blonde tightened the hold on his hair as he thrusted back and forth in his mouth down his throat.

Shit, next time he'd wake up earlier and pack his stuff the day before.

The Dane had to take a flight to Tōkyō, cause this was where the World Meeting would take place this time. The Dane read the paper, looking for the position of his seat, wich happened to be '23 C'.

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The woman just sighed: it happened all the time."Alright Sir, may I see your boarding pass please? Once Matthias got inside, he leaned against a wall to regain his breath.