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XDSeriously, if the police had actually announced that they found out Nagasawa Masami does drugs, or strongly suspected that she does drugs, it would be all over the news just like with Sakai Noriko.

Their onscreen romance was rumoured to have blossomed into real life.

(if that article is true) Edited by Transition, 15 April 2009 - AM. if this is true, then even in real life she was able to have a stable relationship with another JE boy.hahahaha well wheher it's true or not, i love them both so it's ok!

If he had admitted during a gathering with fans how did the tabloids get to know about it? Masami has been paired with Takki, Ryo, Pi and all this time she's actually with Nino? (im one bitter fangirl..) and also, considering the time it RE-surfaced again..right after the news of Nino's upcoming drama SP with Mao-chan..maybe bansen?? *pout*I dunno WHY does Arashi attract rumors with them whenever they get a new drama/SP though. i'm sorta hoping for nino to get married about 30 or just have a girlfriend in about that age.

The couple met on 2005, filming the drama "Yasashii Jikan".

Neither of them has denied or confirmed this but is a really strong relationship/rumor between Japanese celebreties.

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After making a string of flops in America, he returned to China and made the acclaimed historical epic Red Cliff.

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